Sunday, January 17, 2010


Guess What?? On January 20th Zombee Toastees will be invading Schmancy in Seattle WA! This Limited edition(only 25 made), Exclusive plush will ONLY be available at Schmancy - both in-store and online....get one before they get you!

Zombee Toastee Features:

~ They are just over 3 inches tall and wide
~ You have your choice of Mr. or Mrs. Zombee Toastee
~ They come with super special acrylic tags with brains on them made by the fabulous RobertoSand
~ They have one pink eye
~ They have pink, shiny, glow-in-the dark guts or brains seeping out
~ They have a patch of flesh eating bacteria handsewn on their backs
~ They come with a ballchain attached so you can chain them up to keep them from eating your flesh and that of your family and pets.
~ And the coolist thing - they each have names and come with an official numbered, and signed adoption certificate(designed by the uber awesome Ross Smith) which lists their name, birthday, favorite color and organ and also a few of their likes and dislikes.

Mr. Zombee Toastee:
Mrs. Zombee Toastee:

Remember, these are only available at Schmancy, and while supplies last...once they are gone, they are extinct!!

Kristen at Schmancy recently did a little interview with me - check it out here!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New year! We are tired of snow!!!

Mr. Toastee and I just got back from our Holiday vacation. We had a lot of fun and got to see lots of family and friends! We drove to Cranberry, PA, then to Wheeling, WV, then back to Cranberry, PA, then up to Erie, Pa, and then all the way back home. That's a lot of driving...and Mr. Toastee didn't help at all!!

Here he is trying to help out with the holiday decorations:

And look! He made a new friend in Erie:

He also tried some Local Erie brews...yum!

It was a little too cold and snowy to drink them outside!

Mr. Toastee was hiding in my footprints in the snow:

Note to self...when traveling to Erie in January, don't bring clogs. Be sure to back proper boots!!

After all the fun in the snow, Mr. Toastee warmed up with Max E. Pad the cat:

Mr Toastee was super excited that my parents got me this new Tokidoki purse for Christmas because it has enough room inside for him to tag along with me everywhere!

FYI - an exclusive, Limited Edition Mr. Toastee plush will be debuting at Schmancy on Jan 20th...stay tuned for details!!!