Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beach Bum Toastee

Mr. Toastee LOVED the ocean when we were in the Outer Banks! Here are some pics from his beach adventures:
Here he is putting his feet...err...crust in the sand:

We crashed a few sand castles on the beach:

He was itching to get into the water:

Here he is learning how to boogie board:

Stay tuned and I'll share pictures of his adventures at the aquarium ^_^

Sunday, August 16, 2009

OBX part 1

As you may have guessed from previous posts, Mr. Toastee and I recently took a vacation to the Outer Banks in NC. I had not been down there for about 13 years, and Mr. Toastee was never there. We stayed in the most beautiful house right on the beach, and my whole family was there too. We all had a great time!

Here we are in the entertainment room watching the season premier of John and Kate Plus 8 on the big's a guilty pleasure:

Mr. Toastee was soaking up some rays on the deck....who's chair is this? Not my chair, not my problem:

Before we went into the ocean, Mr. Toastee wanted to get comforable with being in water, so we went in the pool:

Here he is practicing the backstroke:

Enjoying the view from our deck....and ready for his first dip in the ocean:

Stay tuned for part 2, where Mr. Toastee swims in the ocean!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A New Species of Mr. Toastee found in the Outer Banks!!!

Check this out! I stumbled across a new species of Mr. Toastee while I was vacationing last week in the Outer Banks - a Peanut butter and Grape Jellyfish Mr. Toastee! He was just chilling out on the beach when I saw him from afar. He consists of 2 slices of Toastee bread, a layer of peanut butter and a layer of grape jellyfish. He doesn't sting like other jellyfish and he's quite soft, not goopy. I heard that there are also strawberry varieties too, but I haven't found one just yet ^_^
This little guy will be available in my etsy shop very soon.....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Limited Edition Outer Banks Mini Mr. Toastee Keychains are here!!!

Mr. Toastee and I just got back from our vacation to the Outer Banks and can't wait to share pictures of all the fun we had! While we were down there, I whipped up some Limited Edition Outer Banks Mini Mr. Toastee key chains. Each tan little Toastee has a beach themed button attached. There are only 9 and each will arrived numbered with a special tag. Get yours here while they last!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

You're probably wondering why there hasn't been a new post for awhile. Well, Mr. Toastee and I were busy getting ready for a road trip down to the outer banks!! It poured soon after we arrived, but the weather has been great since! We'll have lots of pictures to share when we return ^_^