Monday, September 6, 2010

Mr. Toastee goes to the PA Ren Faire

This Labor Day weekend, Mr. Toastee donned his chainmail(by the fabulous Eric of Manly Knitting) and went for a day of fun at the PA Ren Faire!

There were giant turkey legs to nom:
Giant cups of pop:

Scary troll monsters:

Fun people:

And most importantly, Sangria Punch!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

See Mr. Toastee in the Plush Team Annual - Available NOW!!!!

The Plush Team is ecstatic to present to you our first ever Team Annual, containing 120 pages of plushy goodness!

What is in store for you upon opening this marvelous book:

  • An opening by our team founder, Megan Green, describing how our team came to be.

  • An insightful, informative, and all-around fascinating account of the history of plush craft by our team co-founder Christina Ward.

  • 42 two-page, full color features of our Plush Team members. Each includes photos of the artist's work, and text written by the artist explaining motivation, process, and inspiration.

  • A time line of Plush Team activities through over the years.Profile pages providing a comprehensive list of Plush Team artists, including artist head shots and Etsy shop addresses.

  • Photos of PT Stitchy, the team mascot, scattered throughout the book in his various incarnations as interpreted by our team members.

The book is full color, professionally printed, and soft cover. It measures 6.75"x6.75" (or 17 centimeters square). This is volume 1 of our Team Annual, featuring the artists from 2009. Our intent is to make this a yearly publication, updating it each year with our newest members and their incredible work.

Visit the Team Shop today for your copy!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mr. Toastee at Maker Faire

Whew! Mr. Toastee and I have been traveling all over the place lately! We recently returned from Maker Faire in California....what an experience that was! We had such a good time with our fellow Plush Teamers and made some new friends too!

Mr. Toastee's favorite part of Maker Faire was the food...he loved the Gumbo!

And look! He was so excited that his brothers and sisters were getting adopted at the Plush Team's booth:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mr. Toastee at Oddmall

Oddmall ROCKED yesterday! Mr. Toastee and I had such a great time, hung out with fellow Plush Teamers Abbydid and the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and met a lot of cool new people! Thanks to everyone who came out to the show! We will be back there for the November show ^_^

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mr. Toastee is going to OddMall!!

You may have noticed that I haven't been too active lately. It's not because I'm lazy - I've actually been getting ready for my first BIG craft show - OddMall! If you are in the Cleveland area, or even it you aren't, I'd recommend stopping by and saying hi ^_^ There are going to be TONS of awesome crafters and artists there!

OddMall is on Saturday, May 8th from 10am - 6pm which is the day before Mother's day! Pick up something awesome for your Mom! Here's the address of where it is being held:

Clarion Hotel and Conference Center (Akron area)
240 East Hines Hills Road
Hudson, Ohio 44236

Mr. Toastee and I hope to see you there!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

I hope your Easter is filled with Ham, Peeps, and Plush ^_^

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mr. Toastee helps at Winefest!

Last year, Mr. Toastee was lucky enough to be able to help Stacie S. at the North East Wine Fest at Heritage Wine Cellars. He was able to help because he is over the legal drinking age for toast!

Wow! I didn't know that he could drive one of these! Look at him moving the wine:
Even though he has no hands, he helped put labels on the wine bottles:

Nice Job!
And, after a long, hard day of work, he was able to enjoy a little wine himself ^_^

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Guess What?? On January 20th Zombee Toastees will be invading Schmancy in Seattle WA! This Limited edition(only 25 made), Exclusive plush will ONLY be available at Schmancy - both in-store and online....get one before they get you!

Zombee Toastee Features:

~ They are just over 3 inches tall and wide
~ You have your choice of Mr. or Mrs. Zombee Toastee
~ They come with super special acrylic tags with brains on them made by the fabulous RobertoSand
~ They have one pink eye
~ They have pink, shiny, glow-in-the dark guts or brains seeping out
~ They have a patch of flesh eating bacteria handsewn on their backs
~ They come with a ballchain attached so you can chain them up to keep them from eating your flesh and that of your family and pets.
~ And the coolist thing - they each have names and come with an official numbered, and signed adoption certificate(designed by the uber awesome Ross Smith) which lists their name, birthday, favorite color and organ and also a few of their likes and dislikes.

Mr. Zombee Toastee:
Mrs. Zombee Toastee:

Remember, these are only available at Schmancy, and while supplies last...once they are gone, they are extinct!!

Kristen at Schmancy recently did a little interview with me - check it out here!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New year! We are tired of snow!!!

Mr. Toastee and I just got back from our Holiday vacation. We had a lot of fun and got to see lots of family and friends! We drove to Cranberry, PA, then to Wheeling, WV, then back to Cranberry, PA, then up to Erie, Pa, and then all the way back home. That's a lot of driving...and Mr. Toastee didn't help at all!!

Here he is trying to help out with the holiday decorations:

And look! He made a new friend in Erie:

He also tried some Local Erie brews...yum!

It was a little too cold and snowy to drink them outside!

Mr. Toastee was hiding in my footprints in the snow:

Note to self...when traveling to Erie in January, don't bring clogs. Be sure to back proper boots!!

After all the fun in the snow, Mr. Toastee warmed up with Max E. Pad the cat:

Mr Toastee was super excited that my parents got me this new Tokidoki purse for Christmas because it has enough room inside for him to tag along with me everywhere!

FYI - an exclusive, Limited Edition Mr. Toastee plush will be debuting at Schmancy on Jan 20th...stay tuned for details!!!