Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Woohoo! it's February! Time to kick-off the Adventures of Mr. Toastee and Friends blog! Yes, it still looks a bit plain, but it will be getting a nice make-over soon enough!
So, what is the Adventures of Mr. Toastee and Friends blog? I'm glad you asked! It's going to be a super fun blog dedicated to sharing pictures and stories of Mr. Toastee and his friends, and the adventures they go on.

That's where I need your help! Have you spotted Mr. Toastee or one of his friends out and about? Have you gone someplace cool with them or had a super fun adventure? If so, E-mail me at mrtoastee@gmail.com and share your story and/or pictures! I'll be updating the blog every week, and if your pictures and/or story are posted, I'll send you a super cool wooden Mr. Toastee Keychain that you can't get anywhere else(made for me by the uber talented Robertosand on etsy!). Be the envy of all of your friends!

So what are you waiting for? Go on an adventure with Mr. Toastee today!

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