Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mr. Toastee goes Shopping at the Mall of America

Sonia L was nice enough to take Mr. Toastee along with her to the Mall of America where they had tons of fun!

She first brought him to Nickelodeon's amusement park and had him take a picture with Spongebob. She thinks Mr. Toatstee really liked the statue's philosophy which said, "Think happy!":

She also took him to the new American Girls store where Mr. Toastee was practically in heaven because all the things that were just his size. He was so excited that he wanted to get his hair done at the AmericanGirls hair salon, but Sonia had to remind Mr. Toastee that he didn't have any hair:

They also stopped by the Sanrio store where Mr. Toastee got to meet Kuromiin person:

Mr. Toastee also tried to surprise Sonia by popping out of a Hello Kitty toaster:

Their final stop was Legoland where Mr. Toastee got to meet Lego doggy named Fido:

Fido tried to eat up Mr. Toastee because he was so delicious! Luckily, Mr. Toastee was also saved by a Lego Star Wars Boba Fett who picked him up just before Fido lapped him up with his tongue:

The Lego Bionicle bot protected Mr. Toastee for the rest of his stay at Legoland:

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  1. Mr. Toastee is super cute! I RT'd your tweet on twitter.
    My favorite picture was Toastee in the salon chair at the American Girl Store :)

    Let me know the next time you go to the Mall of America with Toastee and I'll tweet and/or blog about it :)

    you can check me out at