Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chocolate Covered Toastee ^_^

This Summer, Emily and her family were nice enough to take Mr. Toastee along with them to Hershey Park. Mr Toastee loves chocolate and amusement parks!!

Here he is waiting to start the day. He was so excited he could hardly sleep!!!

Finally, they made it to the park! Woohoo!

Mr. Toastee didn't know where to begin!!

Wow...that roller coaster looks a bit to fast for Mr. Toastee....but he road it anyway ^_^

Mr. Toastee's favorite part of the park...the water rides:

Mr Toastee and Emily did remember to take a break frm the park for some lunch ^_^

Mr. Toastee didn't want to leave...he was having so much fun!

I promised Mr. Toastee that I would take him to Hershey park again sometime ^_^


  1. I am 9 and I like to sew. I just put some work on display at Schmancy. I saw that you had some plush there, too. By the way, here are a few knitting ideas if you get a little bored:

    - Chocolate-covered toastee
    -French toastee