Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrating May at the Fairy Festival!

Last weekend, Mr. Toastee and one of his many twins, took a trip to the Fairy Festival at Spoutwood Farm in Glen Rock, PA. They, of course, had to dress up like I did, So one Mr. Toastee dawned fairy wings, while the other decided to wear his chainmail armor made for him by the ultra talented Eric of Manly Knitting. Even though it rained the ENTIRE DAY, they had a blast!

Here they are on the car ride there, all dressed up and ready to go:

And here he is making mischief in the dark fairy realm. He angered the dark fairy and promptly fell into the mud right after this picture was taken:

Mmmmmm....sweet potato fries. One of his favorites!

Here they are participating in a very wet fairy tea party:

All in all, a good time was has by all! They can't wait for the festival next year!!!

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