Sunday, May 17, 2009

A day at BrewFest

Last weekend, Chad and I took Mr. Toastee to the First Annual BrewFest at Mount Hope Winery. As I have mentioned before, Mr. Toastee was able to go as he is of the legal drinking age for toast. There were lots of great local and national beers to try as well as some delicious German, Irish, and American food! A good time was had by all!
Here he is trying some of the delicious German food:

He made some friends there....this guy didn't really talk much:

Here he is up to some mischief:

Where he found this cannon, I have no idea:

Got a little Captain in you? No, just beer :

Check back next week for more of his adventures. I heard he just got back from Las Vegas, and is currently traveling overseas to Bulgaria and Vienna!


  1. What was his favorite beer?

  2. He liked this cherry beer from San Adams as well as this pilsner from Intercource that tasted like cream soda ^_^