Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mr. Toastee gets Crafty in Nature

This weekend, Mr. Toastee and I were really busy getting ready for Crafty By Nature at Shupp's Grove. He was a huge help! He help me tag all the plush that I had up for adoption. He was also really excited because we were sharing a space with Manly Knitting. Eric of Manly Knitting had made Mr. Toastee his own set of chain mail so Mr. Toastee wore it to the craft show!
Here he is helping me set up my table. He kept all the plushies in order:

Here he is hanging out at Manly Knitting's display. He wanted to get the coif for Mr. Nanner but I kept telling him that it was too big!

Overall, we had a really fun day. It was a beautiful day to be hanging out in the woods!

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