Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mr. Toastee in Wonderland....Dutch Wonderland

Mr Toastee, Mr. Nanner, and friends recently went on a trip with Liana and her family to my neck of the woods - Lancaster PA. Here is what he had to say about his awesome trip:

I started my vacation at Dutch Wonderland:

The sister of the boy who bought me scared me half to death. Here we are on a roller coaster and she is dangling me off the side. Sheesh!

Thankfully we made it back safe and sound.

This is my Fourth of July picture. Don't I look patriotic?

For some reason the boy thought it was my birthday. I tried to take a bite of the cake, but it tasted like cardboard. YUCK!!!

Here I am riding in a boat with my good friend Mr. Nanner. He belongs to the girl that hung me out the window. I didn't see her hang him out the window....HMPH

There was some sort of Yummy Pancake convention going on. The sister had a ton of them stuffed in a backpack. It was good to see all my friends.

Here I am at the chocolate factory. Thankfully all the hungry people there wanted chocolate and not toast!

I wanted to take this car for a spin, but security told me that I wasn't old enough. Can you imagine? I am of legal toast drinking age and they won't let me drive a car. Not very fair.

It looks like they all had tons of fun! Thanks for sharing pics of your trip! I've got to get myself over to Dutch Wonderland one of these days ^_^

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